Monday, October 06, 2014


Hey, what's up everyone out in blogville?  It's me, Mike D!

I was just sitting here chillin' after another Seahawks win, looking at some old posts here about the big fella, Clyde.   I was thinking, what the hell, I am paying for a domain, but haven't used it since 2011.  I should change that.  I should stop starting sentences with 'I'. 

So here I am.  What are my plans?  I'm thinking of getting I to the habit of writing something weekly.   Will it happen? Maybe, but that could be the Japanese beers left over from watching the GP at Suzuka this weekend talking.  Does anyone read this?  I don't care, I find it cathartic to cast my thoughts out into the ether.  Basically, if I only feel like writing a sentence,  you'll find it on my G+ (I love the G+) which will show up on my twitter and  Facebook pages (until I leave fb again).  If I feel like writing a paragraph or more, you'll find it here.  What will I write about?  Whatever is at the front of my brain.  Today that would be F1, iracing and modifying my racing rig, and of course,  the dog. 

So let's give the a second (third, fourth) try and see what happens!

Mike D out.


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