Sunday, May 01, 2011


Get Mike's Fat Ass In Shape

Got some new tires for the Franken-Bike and took her for a spin today. First ride of the year. After spending almost two weeks in Kauai, I got the jones for being active outside again. Luckily we live really close to a good bike trail so I can ride right from the house without dealing with too many cars (I am a mountain biker first, no cars out there). I did around 5 miles out, came to a good hill and rode up it. After sitting for a bit and trying not to hurl, I rode back, taking a longer route. All in all, I ended up doing 12 miles at a decent pace. Felt good, except for the wanting to hurl part at the top of the hill. Had to do a bit of trail-side maintenance (shifters out of tune, brake started rubbing, but the bike performed great. The tires, Schwalbe Marathon Crosses worked great. They rolled great on both the paved road, and a couple of gravel and double track sections.

Only one problem... My rear hurts.


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