Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010/ Life in the Convergence Zone

This morning it was snowing at the house... Since I was home (took the week off), I drove Carrie to the park and ride so she wouldn't have to worry 'bout the driving.

Good call by Mikey! Our neighborhood roads were white, but not too bad. We got on the freeway to go a mile or so up to the P&R and it was a disaster! A couple of cars in the ditch, and a few more facing the wrong way. The exit that we take was all but impassable as cars were strewn every which way. I bailed out as it would have taken just one more car loosing traction and it'd be blocked.

The next exit up the freeway was in better shape so we got off and headed back down South. There was a bus jack-knifed on the off-ramp. We decided to go to the P&R within walking distance of the house in case Carrie can't get a bus. When we got close, we crossed a line and, bam, the roads were no longer snow covered, just wet. I dropped her off, and within the 3/4 of a mile from the P&R, the roads were again snow covered and slick. Weird!

Word, this is what life is like in the PSCZ*, yo! We don't front!

*(Puget Sound Convergence Zone)

Ahem... Here are a few pics to show what is going on.

Here is a radar image of the convergence zone. We live right in the middle of it (North-South). Basically, the Olympic mountains split the upper atmosphere winds causing them to come back together (converge) directly over my house. this causes updrafts that lead to more active weather.

Traffic cam close to my house...

Traffic cam close to my office...

Quite a difference eh? Unfortunately I clipped the cams wrong so they advanced to the time that I saved them. When I first looked at the cam the entire freeway was blocked. Cliff Mass has a better, earlier shot on his weather blog.


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