Sunday, September 19, 2010

Red Zone

Today was a good day. Why? The reasons are many. I got to sleep in to ten after another six day fifty-five hour plus work week that I should have called in sick two days, but didn't as we are slammed. I'm feeling the best I've felt all week. Today had 'football weather' meaning rainy and cloudy so I don't feel guilty for watching football all day. ...And I discovered the NFL RedZone TV channel.

If you are a NFL fan and/or have ADD, ti is the greatest thing in the world! Basically the RedZone shows all the interesting stuff that is going down in the league in realtime. If a team is in the red-zone threatening to score, they show it. A team trying to make a comeback late? They show it. Two games at interesting points? They split the screen and show it. Fantastic!

Basically, if the games that are available to you to watch are uninteresting, watch the RedZone. Chances are, something interesting is happening in a game somewhere.

Sadly, today was a free trial. But it was successful. I may have to make a call to my provider to see about getting it activated. I'd happily pay five bucks a month more for just that channnel. Unfortunately, they will probably want twenty because it is packaged with twenty other channels that I won't watch.


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