Monday, July 05, 2010

Alonso's Renault return 'a mistake'

Alonso's Renault return 'a mistake' - ESPN F1

Agreed... It's too bad that Alonso seeming can't function on a team where he isn't the clear number one. I think racing is most exciting when the teammates duke it out on the track (as long as it stays civilized). See McLaren and Red Bull (apart from Turkey).

I think Jenson is doing it perfectly. I have no doubts that he isn't laying down for Lewis, and if he gets beaten by Lewis he doesn't seem to be all 'pissy pants' about it. I don't think it is an act(if it is, he's a good actor). Lewis does alright with it, though you see little glimpses of frustration every once in awhile. Vettel and Webber look to have a good amount of friction between them, but neither seems to be running from it, Red Bull has signed Webber for another year.

On the flip-side, I can see how it makes sense to have a clear number one. Example, going into Turkey, if memory serves me correctly (to lazy to look it up), Jenson was leading the drivers championship. Since then, in each of the last three races, he has finished directly behind Lewis. Hypothetically, lets say the whole team, including Lewis, was working to win him the championship. Lewis would have let him have the position in Turkey, and somehow let him by in Canada and Valencia. Now instead of third place Vettel being 12 points behind Lewis for the championship, Vettel would be in second, 23 points behind Jenson. More cushion. Lewis would be third, 5 points behind Vettel.

Jenson button and race winner Lewis Hamilton celebrate after a 1-2 finish for McLaren in the 2010 Canadian GP

In 2007 if McLaren had favored Alonso like that, he would have been champion that year (Both him and Lewis lost out by 1 point), and most likely in 2008 too. That would have been four championships in a row. Maybe that is why he is so bitter. He came from Renault, where he was the clear number one and got thrown in to a situation where he was on equal ground with the other driver. By no means helped by the fact that Lewis was a rookie.


Saturday, July 03, 2010

Largest Dandelion EVER!

Just sayin...


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