Friday, May 28, 2010

A Good Write-up About Lost

‘Lost’ Finale: Best Show in Television History Comes to ‘The End’ Ben Shapiro, Big Hollywood

Agreed... 'Best show in television history'.

Though I disagree with this...

I was angry because I felt that the end of the show embodied a rather depressing underlying philosophy. At the end of the show, we find out that the alternate reality of Season 6 has in large part been a ruse. It wasn’t a different timeline created by Juliet’s nuke at the end of Season 5; it was a purgatory state created jointly by many of the Oceanic 815 survivors where they could find each other and remember their lives before passing to the next stage, presumably heaven.

The reason this was depressing is that you spend six years hoping for these characters to find happiness, only to realize that the only happiness they truly find comes after they’re dead. That may be comforting for some, but it depressed the living hell out of me.

[highlight by me]

For the main characters, no, they didn't find true happiness until they died. They were all deeply troubled individuals. He over looks Bernard and Rose. Sure they weren't 'main' characters, but they a had a part, especially in this last season. They seem to have it figured out a season or so ago, when they made a life for themselves away from everybody on the island.

Desmond too, in my opinion, found happiness before dying, though it took a few electromagnetic jolts to get him there.

My thoughts are that the sideways flashes, 'purgatory', or whatever you want to call it, was more of a parallel universe. You were there no matter what. As the past was the same as the present and the future, there was no time. Some died before finding 'happiness' (Jack, Locke, everybody else we saw die...). Others didn't.

Of the ones that we don't know how they eventually died, I think Hurley found the happiness. I don't think that Sawyer found it, that guy had issues as deeper than Jack.

Eloise, is interesting... She knew what was going on, but didn't want to lose he son again. I think we left Ben in the same state.


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