Sunday, May 16, 2010

Franken-Bike... It Lives!

Here it is, the culmination of my weekend project. Franken-Bike.

I believe this thing has a part that has hung off of every mountain bike that I have owned except my newest (haven't upgraded anything on it yet). It all started with a '93 Stumpjumper M2. As far as I know, the only part in common with that bike is the purple Chris King headset. Later I cracked that frame and Specialized replaced it under warranty with the red one that I currently have. The front wheel with the Machine Tech hub and blue nipples, and Avid brake levers are from my second bike, an AMP B2. The pedals, crank, stem, bars, shifters and saddle are from my third bike, a '97(?) Specialized FSR Elite with a Manitou triple-crown fork. (can't find a picture).

This is gonna be my 'road' bike, as my current bike, while awesome on dirt, is miserable to to pedal on asphalt. I took a spin in the neighborhood this evening, and the thing scoots. On caveat, I have to watch out a lot smaller obstacles... I about went down rolling over a little half inch rock.


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