Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baba O'Riley

Carrie and headed out to see Conan O'Brien the night after Clyde passed away. It was good to laugh, though seeing video of his chocolate lab licking peanut butter off his foot (to pass time while he wasn't working) was a bit too soon... but still funny.

We were rewarded with this... Listen carefully and you can here me yell "woo!" when Mike McCready starts playing the lead in to one of the greatest songs ever.

Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready... SWEET!

Made me feel old though. I realized that for the predominantly twenty-something crowd this was probably the equal of Steve Winwood coming out and belting a rousing rendition of Bill Haley's 'Rock Around The Clock' when I was twenty four.

Sounded better where I was sitting, I didn't get so much horn.

Not the first time EV and MM have belted this. Here's PJ rocking it back in 1993. Stone is doing laps....


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