Friday, January 01, 2010

The D is for DALOTO

Yay, a new tag-line! (look up ^^^)

The D is for DALOTO.

What is 'DALOTO'? 'DALOTO' is short for 'Do A Lot Of Things Okay'. (I made it up.)

It is how I live my life, the opposite of 'Do one thing and do it well'. Why? Because there are so many fascinating things out there and unfortunately not enough time to learn them all well enough to be an 'expert'.

Things such as sailing, RC cars, woodworking, programming, cooking, interior decorating, gardening, nunchucks (kidding), etc... I want to learn just enough of many things to make me dangerous.

Take my latest venture, flight simulators. Not content to just take-off and fly around, I've been reading about and trying to implement real flight procedures. Tuning the radios (both communication and navigation), adjusting mixture, regulating the engine temp with the cowl flaps, etc... I bought an add-on plane that just about all of the switched and knobs work. Currently I am on a round-the-world trip using it.

View Round The World in a larger map

Not only am I getting a rudimentary knowledge of flying, but I am getting a better knowledge of geography. I can now find places such as Tokyo and Hong Kong on Google Earth without seeing borders and names. Sadly I didn't know where Taiwan was. Oh, I could come within a thousand miles of it and find it if names were on, but that was about it. I wasn't sure if it was an island or part of the mainland. (It is an island)

I am doing this trip real-time, no acceleration, in one to two hour hops. Over 50 hours in... Boring? Not really, I take off, get set on my course, switch on the autopilot and typically read a book, NWA style (I have yet to overfly a destination). I listen to monitor ATC (yes it has that), and set my book down when it is time to land her. I explore my destinations on Google Earth either when planning my flight, or after I get there. I am also trying to learn morse code, so I can tell that I am tuned to the proper frequency.

Nerdy, yes, but that is DALOTO in a nutshell. I am not ashamed.

From now on, or at least until I become bored of it, I will try to tag any of my posts regarding stuff such as this as 'daloto', so you can easily navigate back to them. You're welcome!


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