Monday, December 28, 2009

Poor Clyde

Clyde is not a happy-camper right now...

Took the big fella to the dog park the day after Christmas and ran him for an hour and a half. Good times, he loved it. Other than him getting a bit tired near the end I didn't notice that anything was wrong. When we got home and I hosed him off (couldn't keep him out of the water...), he was holding his foot up.

I took a peek and noticed that a huge chunk of skin from his pad was gone. Ouch!

That's why I love dogs. He would have retrieved his 'squirrel' all day with his foot like that, thinking that is what I wanted him to do. No complaints.

I take that back. He's complaining today. He is a mopey whine-a-saur. He's sitting next to me as I type with his head on my lap feeling sorry for himself. To keep him from licking his wound, we bandaged it up and put on a dog sock and shoe over it to keep it clean and together. He's not a fan as you may be able to tell from the above picture.

The good news is that I am now finally confident to take him out hiking with me. If I can keep him close to me at a dog park with hundreds of dogs running around (for the most part he ignores them) I'll have no problem in the woods.


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