Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well isn't this just special...

EcoSnoop is an iPhone app that allows people to rat out report neighbors and businesses that are not being 'eco-friendly'. Here is their mission statement...

Link to their web site...

A Mission for Change

EcoSnoop's mission is to help our communities heighten awareness of opportunities to be more green, save energy, improve treatment of animals, and even fill pot holes. Leveraging the power of the community, EcoSnoops use their Apple iPhone to capture clear pictures of a problem and post these pictures on a community website so that building owners and others can take action. Have you ever.....

Seen lights left on in a building, late at night, for no good purpose?

Noticed a door that never closes properly, wasting heat or air conditioning?

Observed a truck unnecessarily idling at a loading dock?

Been bothered by a broken sprinkler running non stop?

Complained about street lights left on all day?

Wanted a pot hole filled?

EcoSnoop lets you help solve these problems and more. EcoSnoop is a photo driven "Trouble Ticket" system, letting you identify a problem while leveraging to community to take corrective action. The EcoSnoop website is a tool for environmental awareness and a tool for actively promoting energy conservancy and green awareness. By using the EcoSnoop iPhone application, the user becomes an important link in the chain of helping to report and mediate green waste (energy, pollution, etc.). Additionally, by going yourself and encouraging friends to utilize the website to add as much information as possible about the picture (address information, responsible party information, etc.) you are giving the EcoSnoop community the tools to encourage positive change!

Nice, they even have a map so eco-anarchists can find the best route over to someones house. Smash all their evil incandescent lights. Pretty sure they don't encourage that, but hey, the info is there.

They tell us that it isn't 'Big Brother'. Which I agree with, if they are talking about the TV show. I would call 'EcoSnoop' more of a Big Brother/Stasi informant type mashup.

Good thing these little informant punks will have to break in to my house to find out that I keep the temperature at precisely 88.5° at night because I don't find a comforter that comfortable. Just a thin sheet thank you. Preferably washed daily, because I tend to sweat a bit at that temperature.

That, and my Commando 450 shower head. It's typically only used in the circus. For elephants. Power.

[h/t Watts Up With That?


Monday, December 28, 2009

Poor Clyde

Clyde is not a happy-camper right now...

Took the big fella to the dog park the day after Christmas and ran him for an hour and a half. Good times, he loved it. Other than him getting a bit tired near the end I didn't notice that anything was wrong. When we got home and I hosed him off (couldn't keep him out of the water...), he was holding his foot up.

I took a peek and noticed that a huge chunk of skin from his pad was gone. Ouch!

That's why I love dogs. He would have retrieved his 'squirrel' all day with his foot like that, thinking that is what I wanted him to do. No complaints.

I take that back. He's complaining today. He is a mopey whine-a-saur. He's sitting next to me as I type with his head on my lap feeling sorry for himself. To keep him from licking his wound, we bandaged it up and put on a dog sock and shoe over it to keep it clean and together. He's not a fan as you may be able to tell from the above picture.

The good news is that I am now finally confident to take him out hiking with me. If I can keep him close to me at a dog park with hundreds of dogs running around (for the most part he ignores them) I'll have no problem in the woods.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rock 'n Roll Fun

So your are at the Toronto Foo Fighters concert and Taylor Hawkins is playing his drum solo. He stops and plays plays a little morse code on the cymbal... (-.-- -.-- --..) and out walks Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson to rock out to YYZ. Freakin' Awesome!!!

The reasons I find this cool are xxxx-fold
1) I like the Foo-Fighters
2) I LOVE Rush
3) I love the song YYZ
4) I am an aviation buff

'YYZ' is the airport code for Toronto (the home of Rush). The rhythm that you hear at the start is morse code for YYZ thy same that you will hear if your aircraft's radio is tuned to 112.15MHz in the vicinity of Toronto. Except it won't rock as much.



Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Boxing Day

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Here is my gift to you, almost five minutes of pure awesomeness.

I like the guys description of the video...

Yay for fireworks and UAVs.
I'm an unemployed Electrical Engineer, anyone want to hire me before I set the house on fire?


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why Star Wars: Episode 1 Sucked - in 70 Minutes

70 Minutes?!? You gotta be kidding me!

Just finished watching these this morning, I was mesmerized... Episode 1 the Phantom Menace sucked so bad, you need 70 minutes to explain why. No worries, you don't need to pencil out a large chunk of you day to watch, it is nicely broken up into ten minute chunks.

Ever watch something that you liked as a kid, but when you see it as an adult you think, "that sucked, why did I ever like that"? You liked it because as a kid you are much easier to entertain. Things like 'The A-Team', 'CHiPs', and even some Christmas specials. It ruins the memories of joy I had as a kid to see these things as an adult. Sure I'll pull up the theme songs, or watch the opening occasionally on YouTube and it gets me excited... But any more than that and it is a downer.

After seeing 'The Phantom Menace', I was a bit worried that the same held true for the the original three Star Wars films. I went back and watched them. Thankfully, they still hold up well in my opinion. It is just the new ones that sucked. Like this reviewer says, they were written for babies. I blamed the stink on the Jar-Jar character but as this fella shows, it goes way beyond that.

No worries, this isn't some 'fanboy' review, it is very well done and humorous. Do yourself a favor and watch these.

[h/t Big Hollywood]

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Best Christmas Song EVER!

Happy Holidays, The Holiday Season. Andy Williams.

Best part:
So whoop-de-do and dickery-dock
Don't forget, to hang up that sock
'Cause just exactly, at twelve o'clock
He'll be coming down the chimney down..

A couple glasses of Christmas cheer, and I am belting this out with my shirt off. Fantastic!


It doesn't make cents!

Why are there still pennies?
Would it bother you if that item that costs $3.99 now cost $4.00 (or $3.95)?
Can you buy anything for less than five cents anymore?

Try walking around walking around with a dollars worth of pennies in you pants pocket sometime... Without a belt...

I cannot think of one good reason to keep them around. A friend of mine was recently complaining that his bank won't take them unless they were rolled. I don't blame them one bit. Would you give me a ten dollar bill for six pounds of pennies? You'd be making about eighty eight cents on the transaction... Probably only take you a half hour to count them... People forget that the bank has to pay the person that has to count them, and the machine they use probably costs a pretty penny too.

As of 2007, the penny cost 67% more to distribute than it is worth. All that work to get thrown away or thrown in a box in the closet.

Read more here...


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