Sunday, November 22, 2009

Teh Hate!

[Note: the 'teh' was on purpose...]

Palinophobes Hate First, Ask Questions Later

Slate magazine is just one of the countless media outlets convulsing with St. Vitus’ Dance over that demonic succubus Sarah Palin. In its reader forum, The Fray, one supposed Palinophobe took dead aim at the former Alaska governor’s writing chops, excerpting the following sentence from her book:

“The apartment was small, with slanting floors and irregular heat and a buzzer downstairs that didn’t work, so that visitors had to call ahead from a pay phone at the corner gas station, where a black Doberman the size of a wolf paced through the night in vigilant patrol, its jaws clamped around an empty beer bottle.”

Other readers pounced like wolf-sized Dobermans on an intruder. One guffawed, “That sentence by Sarah Palin could be entered into the annual Bulwer-Lytton bad writing contest. It could have a chance at winning a (sic) honorable mention, at any rate.”

But soon, the original contributor confessed: “I probably should have mentioned that the sentence quoted above was not written by Sarah Palin. It’s taken from the first paragraph of ‘Dreams From My Father,’ written by Barack Obama.”

Heh, that is what I would consider a grade-A text-book troll. An art that wielded often on the i-nets, rarely this well.

I still find it amazing the bile that Palin brings out in people... I think that she is second only too GWB. Good lord, the AP devoted eleven reporters to fact check her book. Really?

If the roles were reversed and Palin was a Democrat getting ridden like this would we hear screams of 'sexist'?

Here is my favorite.... "AP: Palin book goes after McCain camp but not Levi". Fittingly it is in the entertainment section.

My two favorite parts, the tagline...
.. the 413-page tome doesn't contain a single reference to the father of her granddaughter, soon-to-be Playgirl model Levi Johnston.

And this line...
... the book - which contains 68 color photos but no index

The horror, no Levi, no index!!! My eyes are rolling.


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