Monday, November 02, 2009

I got a Hummer!

I find out now that Clyde the wonder-lab has a larger 'carbon footprint' than a Hummer. That's it, we're gonna have to get rid of him...


Just kidding buddy...

Do I feel guilty? Nope. Hey, if we figure it like that, I'm way 'greener' than a lot of people I know. They have kids! Carrie and I don't, just a ninety eight pound dog. If my dog is the equal of a Hummer, a kid is an airliner! They are destroying mother Gaia! My dog will live (hopefully) twelve or more years and consume a fair amount of food. It is basically all the resources used to produce that food that make up Clyde's impact. ...Oh and the farts, the horrible SPDs that he releases hourly.

Your kid will have twice or more of an impact, probably much more. (by my uneducated guesstimate). The kid needs clothes (carbon!). Their food comes in more packaging and needs more prep (cooking). Clyde's comes in a big bag that lasts us a month, two scoops at a time. Rides to and from school, sports, and many other activities. That's before they are twelve. After that, more food, more driving, etc, etc, etc... then they get their own car (carbon!), own home (carbon!), and gasp! maybe a dog! Then grandchildren and it multiplies! How can anyone have a child and a clear conscious? We should all stop propagating and go extinct!



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