Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween/Drunken Ewoks

My most favorite holiday of the year! (sarcasm) I miss living in the secure apartment complex.

If I ruled the neighborhood, instead of forty thousand packs of two trick-or-treaters ringing the doorbell every three and a half minutes, I would gather them up in one group. This group would gather at two set times on one side of the neighborhood. Say 6pm and 8pm and do one lap of the neighborhood. That way I only have to answer the door twice in the evening.

Bah-humbug you say?!

Au contraire, mon frere! It would be a Obama-inspired community builder! It would get the people together inter-mingling. Heck, I'd probably even participate in the march.

My other irritation are the lazy-ass parents that drive their kids around in the minivan. If you leg is broken, fine. If not, get out there and walk with them. I've seen kids hop out, hit a house, hop back in, drive 50 feet and repeat. Sad. If I see that this year, I'm going to tell the kids that they don't get candy unless their parents come to the door with them. (prolly not)

Enough of the rant, here are your out of control, drunken Ewoks...

A little slow to get going, but I was on the floor by the end...

Send those little bastards back to the forests of Endor where they belong! (Sadly I knew their home planet from memory, though I did have to verify on wikipedia)


Monday, October 26, 2009

The Superfecta!

Well boys and girls, I have finally merged my identities (that I want you to know about...) on the internets together. Sure my blog has had my Flickr and Twitter feeds showing up for quite awhile, but now I have tied my blog into my twitter, which feeds my facebook, which leads back to here. Now everybody can see the real me (hint, it is all about the hair).

I'm now out there for everyone to see and lovin' every minute of it

I've been leading a double life for too long. Turn me loose, I gotta do it my way. Or no way at all. (I wanna fly.)

In celebration, I have decided to communicate exclusively through Loverboy songs, at least until I tire of it... This could be dangerous.

I'll just try to make it to the weekend.

The kid is hot tonight!

If I can turn just one more person on to the glory that is Loverboy, I'll consider my life a success.

BTW, I'm bringing head-bands back. ...And red leather pants.


Fast Machinery, Slow Camera

Slow month for me in the ol' blog-o-sphere, so here is some cool slow footage of some cool motor racing. My favorite, the close up of the Mclaren MP4-23's rear wheel spinning (on intermediates). Yes, I love F1 above all else (sports-wise).


Thursday, October 08, 2009

More Geeked Out Goodness!

Been scanning in some of my old photos recently and came across this one. It is a picture that I took when me and some buddies marched up Mount Rainier twelve years ago. Cool picture if I do say so myself...

A good adventure that day. Got some good turns in, almost went off a cliff, and had too bushwhack across a sketchy area to get back to our car. I miss that kind of fun.

Why is it geeked out goodness?

I was trying to figure out the name of the pointy ramp shaped rock about a third in from the right (Anvil Rock) in Google Earth. When I turned on the terrain and rotated my view to where I thought I was, I was amazed at how close it was to my picture!

Other that a different snow covering, it was pretty much spot on. You can see Little Tahoma peeking over on the right, Gibraltar and Cathedral rocks.

THIS IS WHY YOU NEED GOOGLE EARTH! For Gods sake, it is free!

Later I went to some high country lakes that I remember camping at and they too were just like I remember. Now that the bad weather is coming, I will be doing some exploring.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

How Much of a Nerd am I?

This much...

In honor of the UPC codes birthday today (according to Google), for my post-work entertainment I made a UPC clock in Excel.

The first six digits are the date ("MMDDYY"). The next four are the time ("HHMM"). The eleventh digit signifies AM/PM, 0 for AM, 1 for PM. The last is the UPC check digit.

BTW, yes, I can read the code... A little rusty at the moment. Got the hankering to learn it a few years back while on jury duty, bored out of my skull. No harder to learn than Morse code.

.-.. .- - . .-.


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