Friday, September 18, 2009

Splitting The Bill

Noam N. Levey of the L.A. Times compares the health care issue to three friend, with tight pocketbooks, trying to split a dinner bill.

All three have been struggling to pay their bills lately. When the check arrives, they try to figure out how to divide it. The problem is no one can really afford the meal. And if one manages to pay less, the other two will go home even deeper in the hole.

Who are these friends?
Think of our three friends as consumers, businesses and government, the three major groups that pay for health care in America.

There is one flaw in this... One of those friends gets all of their money from the other two. Can you guess which one it is? (hint: it rhymes with bovernment)

Patterico breaks it down best...
[...]it’s not very much like three friends. It’s more like you and your brother are eating lunch with your disreputable cousin Paulie, who has no job and stays alive by mooching off you and your brother. Paulie might play Mr. Magnanimous and pick up the check — but it’s hard to feel too grateful, because you and your brother both know that the money is coming out of your pocket anyway.

...And Paulie gets to pick the restaurant every time.


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