Sunday, August 09, 2009

Boat Show!

Mike loves himself some boat show, and luckily Carrie likes them enough to tag along. We headed down to the Seattle Boat Show at the Shilshole Marina yesterday ready to find our yacht. Boy, were there deals to be had. There was a nice Sea Ray for almost a half million off, but that wasn't our style. The boat we liked was an Ocean Alexander 58' Pilot House. Beautiful and spacious. It will be a blast cruising up and down the west coast in the thing. I made an offer thinking that it was a steal, but was unfortunately turned down. Apparently once things cross a certain price point they stop putting cents on the end. My offers decimal point had to move to the right two spaces. Damn.

We meandered over to the sailboats and checked out some used ones that were more in our price range. One of interest was a 1984 LaFitte 44' designed by Robert Perry. I had read a book by him so I took a look. Inside I took a look at the flyer and noticed the boats name, SohCahToa. (Sine - opposite hypotenuse, Cosine - adjacent hypotenuse, Tangent - opposite adjacent. Math.) The was the boat that some guys my sister knew sailed around the world on.

You can check out their log here. Only problem with the website is that it is written as a blog, the newest posts are on the top. Works great if you are following them live, not so great after the fact. You have to read from the bottom to the top, a small price to pay for an interesting story.

I really think I want to do this before I get too old, it sounds like the ultimate adventure. At this point in my life I'll need to take a different path though. First step, I need to get sailing! Dinghy lessons help, but aren't gonna cut it.


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