Saturday, July 18, 2009


This post is probably of no interest to most of you, but it brings up something interesting to me.

Calling All Agents: Kilometers Long Remote Camera Shutter Trigger

As a kid I was fascinated by walkie-talkies. Mind you this was way before the days of twitting-via-your-iPhone-while-getting-your-kids-picture-in-mail-and-SMSing-your-boss-that-you-are-going-to-miss-the-meeting-cause-your-stuck-in-traffic days.

I too dreamed of walkie-talkies as a kid. How cool would it be to be able to talk to my buddy hiding out in fort from my fort. (reminder: this is a kids dream, I also liked forts.) Magical! Now I have a phone in my pocket that can do that plus take pictures, send pictures, GPS, texting, internet, games, etc. Pretty much everybody has a phone that can do most of that now. We take it for granted, get pissy when a call drops.

So sad that kids of today won't have that dream. Then again, that is probably what my parents think about color moving pictures in our houses (TV's). ...And our grandparents think of indoor plumbing... What is it that today's kids are dreaming of that will become commonplace by the time they are adults?

I want to know!


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