Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thats Right!

I can across this tonight on Gunslinger's Journal via Cold Fury and it just clicked with me.

Health care is not a right. Why? Because it requires the labor of others. Same with a right to housing, education, or even a good beer. I'll let Gunslinger explain.

Anything that requires the labor of someone else cannot be a universal human right.

Our Constitutional, Natural Law rights require only that others leave us alone. They require no labor, action, payment, participation or sacrifice of anyone else on our behalf.

We have the right to NOT be interfered with when we speak, practice religion, gather, or bear arms. We have the right NOT to be imprisoned without due-process, to be searched without cause, to be made to testify against ourselves.

See how that works?

But the "rights" that the Progressives pretend we have, like health care, education, food, housing and jobs...all require the participation of others.

Health care requires the labor of doctors.
Education requires the labor of teachers.
Housing requires the labor of builders.

What if doctors quit? What if teachers quit? What if builders quit?

To provide YOU the "right" to healthcare, doctors would be forced to labor.
To provide YOU the "right" to education, teachers would be forced to labor.
To provide YOU the "right" to housing, builders would be forced to labor.

If you take any supposed "right" and you push it to its logical conclusion—and the only solution would entail the coercing of any individual—it's not a right at all.

It's just a greedy, selfish Want.

In a nutshell—nothing that demands the labor or sacrifice of another is your right.

This simple formula can be used to determine the truth about all those supposed "rights" the Progressive/Fascists are trying to sell us.

They, it seems, are perfectly willing to use government force, and confiscation to make sure somebody get's their Wants fulfilled.

Well put.

What if doctors were like the public schools.

Sure there are many great teachers, but there are some crappy ones too. Which one you get is the luck of the draw. You, are in Mr. Crappy Teachers class this year. Sure if you have money you can put little Billy in a private school, but that is a pretty expensive option.

Just replace teacher with doctor...



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