Monday, April 27, 2009

More Flybys (Less Vowels)

Genius! [h/t Protein Wisdom]

Lets do an un-announced low flyby in New York City with a 747. Oh, and for added effect lets have a f-16 chase plane right beside it... That wouldn't scare the s%!t out of anyone in that city...


I, as many of you know, love the flybys. I like flyby surprises. Hell that very aircraft (or its twin) buzzed low over my house (LOW!), and I squealed with joy like a one year old. But don't you think it would probably be best to announce that you are going to do one over NYC? ...After 9/11? I'm guessing that memories of that day are still a bit raw for quite a bit of the population there.

Notice I didn't call that airplane 'Air Force One'. Why? Because the president wasn't on it. It was either SAM 28000 (the one that buzzed my house) or SAM 29000. If Obama was flying the F-16 chase plane, THAT would be Air Force One.

Imagine the uproar if the Bush White House did this....

Hmmm, people running in terror from the presidents airplane....


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