Sunday, April 05, 2009

2009 Malaysian GP

What a race, even though they only put in just over half the laps because of a deluge. Jenson Button again was superior, taking both the pole and the win. Looks like my prediction that Brawn GP would be strong was an understatement. They are dominant. JB lost a few places in the start, but kept his cool taking the heavy on fuel Alonso and keeping in touch with Roseberg and Trulli. Some good work and luck with the pit stops and tire choices put and kept Jenson out front.

Mark Webber was really exciting to watch today. His back and forth with Hamilton was a blast to watch. I really like what the cars are doing now with the new regulations for this year. They have increased the already exciting sport even more.

For a good write up and pictures, go here. They even have drawings!

So far I give the 2009 F1 season an A-, my only complaint is the 10 grid penalty given to Vettel for his contact with Kubica in Melborne. Let them race!


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