Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beat Up

I am out of shape and I will not join a health club. Why? Because there is no way that I'll get my money worth out of it. I'd go once or twice and that would be it. It is just too easy to not go.

So, I have been on a quest to find a workout that I can do from home. I am not vain, I have no desire for the 'look'. I just want to be able to do any activity, within reason, without worry. A hike, bike ride, jog, spontaneous football game, etc...

Wednesday I started my new workout, the prison workout... The workout can be done in a cell, so I am pretty sure that I can find a place to do it around the house.

Here, let my good friend Mike Rowe show you how it's done...

Knowing that I am a out of shape slob, I started at 8 and went down from there (doing 36 reps instead of 55). He isn't kidding about getting the ticker ticking, I was going pretty good. That was Wednesday. Thursday I had a bit of sore coming on, and buy Friday I felt like the 'dementors' had beat me up in the yard. Putting on my jacket was painful, hell, scratching my head was painful.

Basically everything is sore from my elbows up to my shoulders and my gut. I slept in to ten, a rarity for me, and that seemed to help today, but there still is some soreness left over.

This, is the only problem I have with getting older.... Even when I was twenty something, I could sit on my ass all winter and play dodge ball, capture the flag (I helped out with a youth group), or ride my mountain bike up and down a mountain with no issues. Not so today. If I want to do any of that I have to prepare!


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