Saturday, February 28, 2009

Your Mortgage is not My Problem

Your Mortgage is not My Problem [h/t Michelle Malkin]

The best sign is the first one.

When I was a kid, I depended on my parents for everything. They fed me, protected me, taught me, and so on. They helped me make good choices. This is a good because unlike many animals, we aren't born with the basic tools to survive in our world.

One rule my dad had for me was that if I wanted to sign up to play a team sport, I had to finish the year. No quitting because I tired of it or it wasn't fun. I made a commitment and I needed to stick with it. I learned to think about it before I blindly jumped in because Billy down the street was. I don't think I was ever forced to sign up for an activity. Possibly coerced, but never forced. My parents gave me some responsibility to decide if I wanted to make the commitment. By seventh grade, I decided that I wasn't having fun, so I didn't sign up. Looking back, I wish I would have signed up, but I have nobody to blame but myself. More important, I am glad my dad DIDN'T make me play, even though he knew it would probably be best.

What does this have to do with the sign?

As an adult, I have the freedom to make my own choices. Six years ago, when Carrie and I bought our house, we could have gotten a crazy mortgage that would have allowed us to make the payments on twice the house we ended up buying. Today, we probably would have been back renting if we had done that. We have a good mortgage package that will allow us to weather all but a catastrophic storm, I.E. much worse than things are now. Sans having triplets (or more), our first house can be our last if it has to be, and I'll have nothing to complain about.

...I need to run some errands today so I'll cut to the chase...

I do not want my government to protect me from myself.

I do not want to be forced to pay for the poor choices of others.

Later on this weekend I'll pick up where I left off..


Anonymous,  2/28/2009 3:30 PM  

All involved are to blame for the mortgage mess- the lender, the broker, the borrower. But I am sorry, if you are stupid enough to not ask questions when signing your loan documents, and are not smart enough to realize that your payments will quadruple in 5 years, THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM! I have chosen to be responsible in owning my home. I did not allow us to get into a mortgage that was too much for us- if something didn't sound right, I asked questions. I worked in the mortgage industry for 10 years and lost my job due to this whole mess. I had the privilege of working for one of the lenders who did the right thing, but couldn't survive due to the mistakes made by others in the industry. I pounded the pavement everyday, visiting brokers and helping them find the right mortgage for their clients. I am proud to say that I never recommended or suggested anything that was not appropriate-I chose to educate my clients and I kept the borrower's well-being in mind. It is frustrating to me that so many people think that everyone ever involved with the mortgage industry is crooked- there are lot of those types of people out there. I am not one of them, and I am proud of everything that I ever did while working in that industry.

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