Sunday, February 01, 2009

Live Bloggin' The Super Bowl

6:28pm - Got bored with the live blogging updates.... Set up a Twitter widget on the right of this page. Will continue over there...

6:22pm - Here come the cardinals... They are going to score, if they don't screw it up again...

6:19pm -, best commercial yet. Jheremie (or however he spells it ) Urban... another ex-hawk, making a catch.

6:04pm - Wow, Brenda Warner sure looks different.... About 20 years younger... Is she from Ork? (get it?)

5:59pm - Punching koalas... Hilarious (

5:54pm - Cards imploding... Personal fouls. Thanks for bringing up SB XL Michals... Chee-Kay!!

5:48pm - If there is one thing I know, It is that referees love Pittsburg.

5:43pm - Chee-kay!!! Probably my favorite Seahawk, name wise, behind Pork Chop Womack. I miss him. (yes, I have had beers)

5:39pm - Lame rule. Cards dodge a bit of a bullet. Budweiser commercials, like their beer, suck.

5:34pm - Dammit, I should have used Twitter for this... Then I wouldn't have to type the damn date every time. Ooops, was that a turnover by the Cards? We'll find out after the lame commercials....

5:21pm - I liked Super Bowl halftimes better when they had nipple.

5:17pm - Hey guess which song is Bruce's new one? Yep, the sucky one.

5:11pm - I'm impressed, the crowd for Springsteen acutually look to be the correct age. I like Max Weinberg.

5:09pm - We have a roadie down! Watch out for that guitar.

5:05pm - Did anyone notice how high Costas's chair is compared to the other guys on the set? Heh, little people.

4:56pm - WOW! What a way to end the half! LOL, the big dude is gassed!

4:34pm - Warner sacked. E-Trade singing baby is a winner.

4:31pm - Big punt return by the Cards. I really don't want them to win.

4:21pm - Uh oh, AZ is awakening... watch out!

4:10pm - Pepsi Max... Funny stuff, I like the physical humor.

4:07pm - Ben Rothles...ger... the lower half of his face is huge.

4:01pm - end of first quarter. No defense loses championships (Arizona). Fast and Furious??? C'mon.

3:51pm - Defense wins championships...

3:42pm - Nice of the refs to make the correct call regarding a big Ben touchdown. Makes me feel a lot better about Super Bowl XL. Audi has the best commercial so far.


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