Monday, February 16, 2009


'Nuff Said.

But I'll say more.

Mike loves airplanes. Mike especially loves military airplanes. Mike really, really, loves the F-14 Tomcat. That is one of the reasons I added to my reader. It's one thing when you read an encyclopedia article about the Tomcat, or catch it on the Discovery channel. It is even cooler (for me) hearing about it first hand from someone that has a lot of personal time in the things.

Enough of my blathering, lets get to the Tomcat.

Read "Full Blower on the Cat"
I believe all the pictures are his, and he was in the back seat of the video. Like I said cool stuff.

Of course, when ever there is a YouTube video, you have to click through and see where it takes you (more web coolness). Here is where it took me...

And another view... (even cooler!)

I get goosebumps and turn into a toddler, clapping and giggling every time I see this stuff. I can't get enough.

EDIT!! For the ultimate experience, get both those videos showing on your screen, play the first and the instant it hits 47 seconds, hit play on the second. It isn't twice a cool, it is cool squared!

I apologize for the over abundance of 'cool'. I hope you understand.


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