Sunday, January 11, 2009

What I am Thinking...

There are two things on my mind this morning....

  1. Voice mail.
    I think all voice mail is done on the providers side now, nobody has answering machines anymore. Why can't all the providers provide a forwarding email address for the mail? That way whenever someone leaves a message, the system sends an email to your address of choice with a WAV or MP3 file of the message attached. My office voice mail is set up this way and it is very handy. If I am at home, all I have to do is log into my email account and all my messages (voice and email) are right there.

    If they were to get really fancy, they could provide a link to click on to delete the message off the providers server so you wouldn't have to call in and do it the old fashioned way. Seems easy to me.

  2. NFL Playoffs.
    I have no horse in the race this year, but every team that I want to win, except Philly, has lost. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. That has been the way the previous year has year has been going sports-wise. The Seahawks, Sonics, and Huskies (football), all had terrible seasons.


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