Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Morning

What's this Mike is posting?!?

I am posting because Carrie is in bed still and me beating on the Rockband drum set makes too much noise. Even if I had headphones on she'd hear the constant tapping which would be VERY annoying. I may go down and play some Castle Crashers though...

I love my XBOX 360... Now I never have to go outside!

Took the Chieftain (Clyde of the nutty brown dogs) down to the dog park yesterday as a treat for him. There was a cool breeze coming of the Sound and a very slight drizzle coming down, so it was a fairly nice day for January. I actually enjoy this weather, but was still surprised at how many people were there. It was about as packed as any eighty degree day in July.

Clyde is starting to be very 'Mike-centric' at the dog park, and that is a good thing. We threw did his bumper quite a bit and ninety seven percent of the time his brought it back to me. Even with other dogs nosing at his parts, he was paying attention to me.

We had a breakthrough at the park, and that was keeping Clyde out of the water. Typically he will make a b-line for it and go swimming without me even tossing something out there. Not yesterday. He put his feet in, but that was it. ...And no, it had nothing to do with it being the middle of winter and cold. If I would have let him he would have been swimming in a micro second. He is starting to listen when distracted. Soon I'll be comfortable walking him down to the elementary school and taking him off leash on the playfield chasing his ball.


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