Monday, January 26, 2009


Name that party!

Remember, when a politician does something bad, they are either a Republican (fill in political office) or a (fill in political office). Anybody that reports them as a Democratic (fill in political office) must be a conservative hack.

Control the media, control the minds. Yay!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

More snow

Not much but the yard is white. Where is my global warming?

I'm going out to let my truck idle for no reason.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Muzz Skillings

Matthews - "The only politician I know who can write is Barack Obama."

Can anybody say "cult of personality"? (oops, wrong linky, try this one...)

How long before Chris Matthews and others in the MSM (Main Stream Media) refer to him as "Dear Leader" as they do with Kim Jung-il in North Korea? How long until we hear that he has shot a 38 on the golf course with 5 aces?

The only politician I know that can write is Barack Obama.... Please, I wonder if he had a thrill running up his leg when he said that.

[h/t Protein Wisdom]

Sidenote... Don't ask my sister who the bassist is in the band video linked above, she doesn't know.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Obama-day!!!

Happy Obama-Day everyone!

wha? Why is Mike so happy? He's not an Obama-naut...

Mike is happy today because today we don't have to listen to the 'left' complaining.... They are too busy swooning over the inauguration of Obama. Crying tears of joy!

If McCain had been elected, today (the last two an a half months) would have been filled with endless bitching about how the election was stolen, Bushitler, "I'm leaving the country", Palin is a dumb broad, and on and on. We would have to put up with it for four more long years.

Why does your typical right leaning person not get as worked up as a leftie when their guy isn't elected? I think it is because where the left thinks the right is evil, the right thinks the left is silly. That and the personal responsibility, not wanting to/being dependent on the government.

Sure I didn't vote for the guy, but he is still the president of the United States of America. Iranians burning pictures of him (What?!? no way!) bother me as much as if it were Bush or any other president. You won't see me wearing a shirt counting down how many days left we have of his presidency.

Who didn't enjoy the Carter administration? It gave us twelve years of Reagan/Bush 1!


What I am Thinking...

  1. Two or more semi-trucks travelling in a convoy are really cool. My favorite is when they need to change lanes, so the back one goes first and lets the other in. Makes me think of B.J. and the Bear, and Smokey and the Bandit
  2. I really don't care for the Beach Boys. Especially Kokomo, Sloop John B, and Little Saint Nick. I generally find their music annoying.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Long Exposure Photography

Cool post over at Digital Photography School, Long Exposure Photography - 15 Stunning Examples.

No worries, there is no technical mumbo-jumbo on how to take the photographs, it's just the pics.... Go take a look. NOW!

One of my resolutions this year is to drag my tripod around a lot more and actually use it. These pictures are inspiring to me to do just that. Tackling fuel. Opening up the shutter and letting it soak up what little light there is out when it is dark can create some fascinating pictures.

The few meager meanderings I have tried in the practice (above) have excited me to try more. Keep your eyes peeled here (or on my Flickr page) to see if I am successful....


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why We Fight

Why We Fight from Big Hollywood, a blog that I discovered yesterday and am enjoying.

“It seems to me that the Left has won: utterly and decisively. What I mean is, the Saturday Night Live, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher mentality has prevailed. They decide what a person’s image is, and those images stick. They are the ones who say that Cheney’s a monster, W.’s stupid, and Palin’s a bimbo. And the country, apparently, follows.”

So true, and quite frankly, a bit scary.

Yesterday I overheard two people talking about how stupid Palin is, saying she could "see Russia from her back porch". Ughhh... First of all, Palin didn't say that, Tina Fey 'as Palin' did on Saturday Night Live. Sarah Palin said that you could see Russia from Alaska, which you most certainly can. (Psst, it is only 2.4 miles away). I bit my lip.

Journalists especially have so shamed themselves in their coverage of the last election–hounding Sarah Palin’s daughter and Joe the Plumber while all but ignoring Barack Obama’s ties to Illinois corruption, and his long and deep association with the racist anti-American Jeremiah Wright

Another interesting post.

I’m as tired of irony and negativity as the next grown-up. And I would honestly love to see Obama succeed. But it’s funny that many of the same people who had no qualms setting their cynicism levels on 11 throughout the Bush presidency, suddenly want to dial it down to 0.

I have enjoyed this blog so far, the writing is very good, and I enjoy the "Hollywood" angle.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yay, the best worst TV show is back on!! This year I plan to REALLY get into it and by the end, I'll be wearing a t-shirt with someones picture ironed onto it.


In reality I'll just watch until the tryout are done. I enjoy the train wrecks.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Morning

What's this Mike is posting?!?

I am posting because Carrie is in bed still and me beating on the Rockband drum set makes too much noise. Even if I had headphones on she'd hear the constant tapping which would be VERY annoying. I may go down and play some Castle Crashers though...

I love my XBOX 360... Now I never have to go outside!

Took the Chieftain (Clyde of the nutty brown dogs) down to the dog park yesterday as a treat for him. There was a cool breeze coming of the Sound and a very slight drizzle coming down, so it was a fairly nice day for January. I actually enjoy this weather, but was still surprised at how many people were there. It was about as packed as any eighty degree day in July.

Clyde is starting to be very 'Mike-centric' at the dog park, and that is a good thing. We threw did his bumper quite a bit and ninety seven percent of the time his brought it back to me. Even with other dogs nosing at his parts, he was paying attention to me.

We had a breakthrough at the park, and that was keeping Clyde out of the water. Typically he will make a b-line for it and go swimming without me even tossing something out there. Not yesterday. He put his feet in, but that was it. ...And no, it had nothing to do with it being the middle of winter and cold. If I would have let him he would have been swimming in a micro second. He is starting to listen when distracted. Soon I'll be comfortable walking him down to the elementary school and taking him off leash on the playfield chasing his ball.


What I am Thinking...

There are two things on my mind this morning....

  1. Voice mail.
    I think all voice mail is done on the providers side now, nobody has answering machines anymore. Why can't all the providers provide a forwarding email address for the mail? That way whenever someone leaves a message, the system sends an email to your address of choice with a WAV or MP3 file of the message attached. My office voice mail is set up this way and it is very handy. If I am at home, all I have to do is log into my email account and all my messages (voice and email) are right there.

    If they were to get really fancy, they could provide a link to click on to delete the message off the providers server so you wouldn't have to call in and do it the old fashioned way. Seems easy to me.

  2. NFL Playoffs.
    I have no horse in the race this year, but every team that I want to win, except Philly, has lost. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. That has been the way the previous year has year has been going sports-wise. The Seahawks, Sonics, and Huskies (football), all had terrible seasons.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sky in Motion

I think it is fascinating to watch things in a different time-frame than the thirty frames per second world we live in. Whether it is the slow motion replay of the touchdown on TV, the super slo-mo of a water balloon being popped, or the sped up construction of a building.

My favorite is time-lapse photography, the speeding up of time. Typically you go outside and look at the stars, sun, or moon and they are static. Not so in this video. You can sense the Earth spinning like a top. It is humbling, it makes you realize how small we are.

túrána hott kurdís by hasta la otra méxico! from Till Credner on Vimeo.


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Yeah, I'm up early this morning, that is because I was in bed when 2009 rolled over. I was still awake though as my neighborhood sounded like Berlin in 1945 (been playing alot of CoD). I think I live a little too close to the reservation. It's too easy for the kids to get ahold of the big stuff. No worries about fires like there is in July... You could toss a flare on my cedar shingle roof and it wouldn't catch.

As I use this blog as much for letting y'all know what is going on in Mike's head, I use it equally as a diary, so I can keep track of the stuff for myself. it is a time capsule of my life, a goofy documentation. Occasionally I'll either click on a month in the blog archive on the right side and randomly pick a month to see what is going on. It's fun.

But, once a gain, I digress. (I'm good at that) As Gold Five said during the attack on the Death Star, "Stay on target".

So, other than wishing everyone a HNY, the purpose of this post is to document the first thought I had as I woke up this morning. My first thought of the year!

Let the suspense build....

Wait for it...

Parking. You heard me correctly, the first thing I thought about in 2009 was parking. Or more specifically, people parking their cars on the sidewalk. It irritates me.

Sidewalks are for people, roads are for cars. Half the people in my neighborhood park their cars half on the sidewalk, and a few park it all the way on. You can either walk buy the thing single file, or not at all. ...Without walking through their yard or the road. I walk through the yard everytime.

People think, they need to get their cars out of the road so two cars can pass. BULLS!!!! It's a neighborhood, not an major thoroughfare. The only people driving down the street either live there or are going to someones house. If you live on a road that was intended for traffic, it will be wide enough that two cars can pass with cars parked on both sides (without encroaching on the sidewalk). Cars parked on the road in a neighborhood will slow down traffic, a good thing, especially with kids around.

Even better, in a neighborhood like mine, it will discourage people from cutting through to avoid the traffic light that can be backed up during commute time. These
people that do this aren't known for their patience, and usually whip through at a good clip. It is only a matter of time before a kid chases a ball and gets hit.

I blame this on the guy that came up with the sloped curb. I'd be willing to bet that it was made not so people could park on the sidewalk, but so the contractor building the thing didn't have to make a lowered section at every driveway. When I am king of the world, I will have all sloped curbs ripped out and replaced with square.

The best part of square curbs other than keeping cars off the sidewalk? Curb slides. If you have never done a curb slide on a bike, you haven't lived. To do a curb slide, you ride parallel to the curb with some decent speed, pop your front tire onto the top of the curb keeping your back on the street. Ride it as far as you can, don't put a foot down. It makes a fantastical sound and you will giggle like a five year old.

Anyhoo, I wish you all the best in 2009! Thank you for reading this drivel, remember to come back for more!


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