Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Yay! It has snowed! Clyde is ecstatic/annoying as all he wants to do is go out and play. Constantly.

We learned a long time ago not to leave Clyde's outdoor toys on the porch. Balls, sticks, squirrels... When the toys are visible to him he will paw at the sliding door and whine, wanting to be let out. Snow is one great big toy for him. As I am typing this, he is by my side whining.

As you can see from the picture we have been out in it already. He likes to run around with his nose in it. No yellow snow on the porch yet!

Last night before the snow started Carrie and I went downtown for my birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. While I often complain about the downfalls of a birthday so close to Christmas, there is one huge plus to its timing. It is a wonderful festive time. The decorations, the music, everything is a little more special at this time of the year.

We had a fantastic dinner, the whole time with the jazzy Christmas music that is my favorite in the background. When we came out to collect the car from the valet, it was snowing pretty decent. Carrie drove (two martinis, a glass of wine, and a scotch with dessert took me out of the running...) us to Olympic Manor, a neighbor hood that goes all out with lights. Christmas music was playing on the XM, and snow was on the ground, a literal icing on the whole scene. I love it!

If I was born in July there would be none of this. Yes, there is the Fourth, but that is nothing compared to the juggernaut that we call the Christmas season.


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