Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Seattle Sports

Carrie email me an interesting article on Seattle Sports today.

The Worst Year Ever
Think the last 12 months were rough? It could be worse. You could be a sports fan in Seattle.

It tells the story of how miserable a sports year can be...

Has any city ever endured a year in sports like the one the Emerald City is just completing? A 101-loss, last-place baseball season, despite a payroll of $117 million; a 62-loss, last-place NBA season; a 12-loss, last-place college football season (the first 0-12 season in the history of the Pac-10); an 11-loss (and counting) NFL season; four coaching/managerial changes; one general manager dismissal; and, of course, the hijacking of its basketball team to Oklahoma @$&%ing City. Sure, other cities have lost their teams or endured epic losing seasons, but for it all to happen in one calendar year? To end December without a single head coach or manager who was employed in January returning for the next year?

It's really quite amazing when you think about it... I think the Seahawks are the biggest surprise. Their bizarre flurry of injuries, especially to the receivers, and their drop in wins makes me wonder what kind of bad karma has come over this city.

One of the coolest thing about last Sundays game in the snow, other than the weather (pun intended), was the fact that the stadium was still packed for a 3-11 team that is going nowhere this year. If you didn't know any better you'd think the Hawks were playing for a playoff spot, the crown still brought the noise.

Don't feel sorry for me though. I take it all in stride. Sure, I'd love for all the teams to win every game. But I thing a year like this is good. It is galvanizing, a sports fans 'thinning of the herd'.

One of my least favorite this is the fan that thinks he can run the team better than the people that are paid to do it. You know the guy... Constantly second guessing the coaches play calling, bitching about draft picks, tackling, this and that. "Fire the coach"
"The GM has to go"
And on and on.
These people ruin the game experience for me. I watch football for entertainment, not to listen to people moaning about this and that. Like I've said before, if my team wins, my day is better, if they lose, no change. I don't take it that seriously, because it is just entertainment.

I noticed that by the end of the year, 'that guy', wasn't coming to the games anymore. He gave up his tickets to people that just wanted to see a football game... It was quite pleasant in the stands. We just enjoyed the game that was played in front of us. No distractions. Refreshing.

My favorite quote from the article...
Anyone can show support when the team is winning. The mark of true fans is showing support when their teams are losing.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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