Saturday, December 06, 2008

My Head...

Sipping a cup of joe, nursing a headache this morning...

Spent last evening at the Winter Beer Fest with a few beer-buddies. A neat event, lots of good beers were tasted. A lot! I really enjoyed the smoother "woolly sweater by the fireplace" beers. My favorite beer was the 2007 Industrial Ho!Ho! from Diamond Knot Brewery. It was aged for a year with bourbon-aged oak chips. Fantastic!

I'm thinking that I need to change my strategy as to how I attack these festivals. Last night we basically attacked the thing like a bunch of twenty year old that just got the legal right to drink. I think in future beer fests I would like to go with a plan and a limit, and then retire to a nice eatery and discuss. That way I won't be a zombie when I am dropped off at my house at the end of the evening. I also think that I am going to join Washington Beer Lovers and go to more events than just three a year. This way I won't feel the need to binge on the fantastic nectar that Washington micro-breweries produce.


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