Friday, December 26, 2008

Enough Already!

I'm done....

We have now had snow for almost two weeks and I am ready for it to go away. It is seriously getting on my nerves now...

If the temperature would stay constantly below freezing I wolud be loving it, but the last two days it has been around 35. The once nice light dry snow is now the consistency of wet cement. ...and just about as heavy.

The neighborhood road is packed about ten inches thick, higher than the sidewalks, with ruts where people have spun their tires to the asphalt. Coming back from the gocery store there was a fella in a minivan stuck at the corner so I had to stop. Five minutes later when he decided to back out, he almost slid into me so I had to back into some deep snow to get some clearance. This, just about got me stuck. I had to use all the tricks in the book short of a shovel to get the RDX to the driveway. With the deep ruts I think it is starting to float on its belly so it doesn't get all its weight on the ground. I need to remember to throw my avalanche show shovel in the back next time I venture out.

Since the snow was melting today, I cleaned the entire driveway clean. then guess what happened. It snowed two more inches of concrete.

With all this 'global warming' I think I may invest in a snow blade for the truck.


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