Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, it is still cold here in Sea-Town. A winter wonderland. I don't think that the temperature cracked thirty all day.

This is looking down the street from my house. Apparently people forget how to park when everything is white. Yesterday, some bonehead from down the street went around the corner too fast and skidded up over the sidewalk where that Volvo is parked. If you zoom in you can see his skid marks.

The roads are pretty brutal. Carrie and I drove to the supermarket in the RDX (It has AWD) and at the stoplight before a main road, it was glare ice. All the anti-lock in the world does nothing if there is no traction to be had. The RDX wasn't gonna stop and traffic was coming. I made a split second decision and decided to go. We made it just fine.

Here are the Christmas lights. I love Christmas lights in the snow!

This year I went with the LED lights. I am not too big of a fan of the White C9's lining the roof line. Their color is too cold for me, I think of florescent lights in an office when I see them. I love the multi's on the three trees. I am going to use more of them next year.


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