Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

At the moment I am high on orange cinnamon rolls and coffee with the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on in the background. We are hosting both families this year because the Hawks are playing and we have a great football viewing room.

Today we are breaking from the usual and going to ceremoniously boil a turkey in oil. I plan to fill the pot to the brim with Castrol 10w-30, crank the burner to 11, and once the oil is to it's flash-point drop the bird in with a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sky hook.


Seriously, when we bought the fryer I also picked up two fire extinguishers. One smaller kitchen model, and one large industrial type for the garage. That one is rechargeable so it isn't a throw-away after my first turkey fry. I don't want to burn down my house, easily in the top five of things that I am thankful for. The other four are my wife, family, friends, and dog.

Regarding the dog, I am now off to the dog park to tire the big guy out before we have a group of 9 over at the house.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Sara 11/27/2008 12:58 PM  

Your going to do this outside right? :)

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