Saturday, November 29, 2008

Beware the Church of Climate Alarm

A while back, a friend referred to me as "the guy that doesn't believe in Global Warming™". This kinda hurt coming from a friend, I felt it was belittling, kind of like them saying, "hey, look at Mike, he's stoopid". (I spelled stupid wrong on purpose...) I forgot about it until I read this article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Beware the Church of Climate Alarm

In regards to the religion of Global Warming™, I realize that no, I don't believe in it. I'm now fine with that, just preface it with the 'religion of' or say it in front of me so I can defend my thoughts.

What I believe, is that the earth is constantly in flux. There are many variables that affect it. I believe that we humans do have a part in it, just infinitely smaller than some want us to believe.

I believe that carbon dioxide is not a poison. Sure, if you put me in a box with no air and just carbon dioxide, I will asphyxiate and die, but last time I checked, the same happens with water... CO2 doesn't kill you because it's CO2, you die because you aren't getting oxygen. See the 1986 Lake Nyos disaster. BTW, plants love CO2.

Contrary to what the followers of Global Warming™ want you to believe about us 'non-believers', I do think we need to continue to push to be 'green', to lesson our impact on the earth. I'm all for efficient transportation, recycling, and etc. I just think it is a mistake to cram it down our throats.

Regarding transportation I am not a fan of 'hybrids' just yet. I've yet to be convinced that the batteries are good for safety/environment/resale. I'm am a big fan of diesel. VW and others are getting great mileage out their diesels, rivaling hybrid cars. If you figure in a non-stop and go commute like I am able to have in the morning, and they surpass a hybrid. And no high voltage batteries adding weight, voltage, and nasty chemicals.

What really excites me about diesel is bio-diesel, specifically bio-diesel from algae. In simple terms, you can grow algae in saltwater, no de-salination needed, feeding it fertilizer runoff from farms, even human waste (poop). As it can be mixed in with your standard crude-based diesel, the infrastructure to distribute the stuff is pretty much there (gas stations). Theoretically with continued development of vehicle efficiency and bio-diesel production the US could "grow" all its fuel... Greater minds are working on it.

Back the the Sydney Morning Herald article, two of the most interesting bits to me were these....

There was much more but essentially Plimer's message is that the idea humans cause climate change has become a fundamentalist religion which is corrupting science. It is embedded with a fear of nature and embraced principally by city people who have lost touch with nature.

It is difficult for non-scientists to engage in the debate over what causes climate change and whether or not it can be stopped by new taxes and slower growth, because dissenting voices are shouted down by true believers in the scientific community who claim they alone have the authority to speak.

You heard it when hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans in 2005... We had ton of named storms that year and people screamed that Global Warming™ causes more storms! Because there were more big Atlantic storms that year than in many previous seasons it had to be true, right? Compare 2005 to 2006 and 2007...

I think Global Warming™ is just the replacement for the Y2K paranoia. Yes, precautions need to be taken but it isn't quite the 'emergency' that some want us to believe. Global Warming™ is just a ploy to gain power over us.

My vote for the next big issue... Pirates. Many think modern piracy on the high seas only recently started. It is just the new sexy story.


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