Friday, October 31, 2008

Bothering Me...

Hey all! It's been a bit... I've been working some pretty long days at work lately and have been too exhausted to type anything up. I'm pretty stoked to get to sleep in on a Saturday tomorrow.

Something has been bothering me.

You hear it all the time, people complaining about how much money gets spent on this or that. Whether we are talking about Bill Gates's home office, someones private jet, or even an aircraft carrier. You always get someone saying things like, "Why do they need that, they should give it to charity/kids/education".

It drive me up the wall. Do they think the money is just burned?

Here is an example.

My office is next door to a company that builds upscale luxurious yachts. We're talking tens or hundreds of millions to purchase one. Do you know where that money goes? It goes to people like you and me. These things don't build themselves. Countless people are employed to make a boat like that. You got engineers, drafters, carpenters, welders, material handlers, truck drivers, crane operators, janitors, managers, painters, plumbers, electricians, etc. And that is just where they assemble the thing. Their suppliers for furniture, windows, engines, and electronics all employ a bunch of people, just like their suppliers. On down the line we go.

Same thing goes with military spending. Stop spending any money on aircraft carriers, airplanes, tanks, bombs, and you have a hell of a lot of unemployed people.

Things don't cost a lot of money just because. I'd be curious to how many man-hours go into the building of a Ferrari compared to a Chevy. I'm talking from the ground up. The guy raising the cattle for the leather seats, the person mining the minerals to make the metal, the people that sweep the floor, the people in HR, everything. Yes, the Ferrari costs 10 times as much as the Chevy, but it also feeds many more people per car.

Basically people need to open their minds and stop looking at just the shell. See the whole egg.


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