Tuesday, September 23, 2008



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Mike's got a new gadget on the way!

Last week while in Vegas I watched a coworker fiddle with her iPhone and I was jealous. My two year old Blackberry Pearl, while a great phone, is really starting to show it's age. I have bought pieces off ebay to keep it running. Today, the trim ring around the roller fell off. The new Blackberrys look very sweet, but unfortunately my carrier would not have the ones I want until early next year. I have been looking into my options, frankenstein pearl, jumping ship, using an old blackberry 8700, buying a cheap hold-me-over... I wasn't happy.

When my trim ring fell off I sat my phone down and started up Google Reader, BAM, I was confronted with this fella!

Love at first sight!

I am a big enough of a Google honk to jump in feet first.

Honestly though, if I hadn't read "push Gmail" I wouldn't have done it. That is by far the greatest reason to have a smartphone, and the Blackberrys are great at it. the G1 doesn't have a desktop sync, but that doesn't matter to me... All my contacts, calendars and messages are online in Google. Now accessible through my phone!

I'm excited like a fourteen year old girl going to see Nick Carter and the Backstreet Boys!



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