Tuesday, September 23, 2008

G1 song

Still excited about the G1!

I liked the song used on T-Mobiles website that I went a searching to find out what it was...

Good stuff. I like the thick sound... Reminds me a bit of the Black Keys or a sleepy Fu Manchu. I'll definitely seek out their stuff.

It got me thinking of some of the best use of a song in adverts... Recently, the most successful (on me) were the Dell ads last year using the Flaming Lips "W.A.N.D." This ad was for the Inspiron, I bought a red XPS which used another great song, "Watch us work it" by Devo.

Some other favorites... The Nissan 'Toys' commercial, VW Mr Robato

Ooops, got sidetracked on YouTube... Came across this video that made me cry.

Damn I miss my MkII. Mine was an 8v so I didn't have the round headlights, but it was red, with a rack (Yakima) and in the winter I rolled Hakkapeliittas on the 16v teardrops. There will never be a car that touches my heart like that one. EVER!

..And here it is!



BTW that is my mountain bike/snow board buddy Mike in both pictures... Lots of good times with the bikes or snowboards on the rack.



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