Monday, September 22, 2008


Well everybody, I just got back from four days in Vegas and I am disappointed in myself.

Why am I disappointed?

I am disappointed because I did absolutely nothing in Vegas. I was there for work, and work is what I did. Mom, you'd be proud.

I didn't gamble one cent, didn't walk down the strip with a silly drink... Hell, I didn't even take a card with the sexy women on it from the dudes snapping them.

Most of my view of the strip was from my hotel room.


I got out and snapped a few pictures but didn't get much.

Even the room was disappointing...

It was a decent view from the top floor of the Flamingo, that was the best thing my room had going for it. What it didn't have going for it was the crappy beds, the hot water on the lav not working (I shaved in the shower), and the fact that there was only on eroom farther away from where I needed to be every morning in the whole complex. I didn't switch rooms because I actually had it good compared to the three others that traveled with me. One got a room without a tub, it had a handicap shower stall that you could roll a wheelchair into. Not a big deal except for the fact that the water would soak the whole bathroom floor whenever it was used.

Another got fixed up in a room that hadn't been cleaned yet. He ended up getting a mini-suitee that still wasn't sweet.

The best was the one that got a room with ants in the bathroom. Not too bad until she left up her do-not-disturb and room service didn't clean. That night she had ants on her bed. She switched rooms.

The good thing about it is that I think I have learned to spell disappointed.


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