Thursday, August 28, 2008

We've Got Wind

Just got home from my fourth sailing lesson, our first with some decent wind. What a blast! I even got to do some hiking. Not much, as I am a heavy guy and the boat that we were sailing is built to be handled by 'lighter' people.

In past classes we have been sailing courses in front of Sand Point, but tonight we got to do an excursion.

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We sailed from the pier that we were taking the lessons, upwind to the NOAA pier. We farted around there, waiting for everyone to get out and headed downwind to Matthews Beach. From there we crossed Lake Washington to Denny Beach. We did circles for a bit and then headed back to the NOAA pier, dodging a big gravel barge along the way. Farted around there and then we parked the things. The wind was going good the whole time. It was the best night by a mile!

I can't wait for Tuesday, we should get to capsize the boats that night.


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