Tuesday, August 12, 2008

That's Funny

Almost two years ago, Carrie and I purchased a new car. Since I am a gadget freak, we (I) had to have the 'tech package'. One of the things included in the package along with freakin' laser beams was XM satellite radio. I am now a converted. I thought all we would do on long road trips is listen to an Ipod sine min eis loaded with countless hours of music. NO! We like the satellite radio!

I think our favorite stations to listen to now XM Comedy channel 53. We are hooked on comedy. It has even inspired us to catch a few shows such as Kathleen Madigan Seattle's own Last Comic Standing finalist, Jeff Dye.

I even went all 'fourteen-year old girl" and voted the maximum allowed times... I have NEVER done that before.

My favorite comic is Mitch Hedberg. Sadly he passed away a few years back, but there is quite a bit of material out there to view. Here is a good set from Letterman. Enjoy.


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