Monday, August 11, 2008

I Got the Fever!

Olympic fever!

I am hooked. After not watching one second of the 2004 Olympics in Athens, I can't turn them off this year.

Before, I wasn't really interested in any of the sports. People running, swimming, doing somersaults, yawn.... What has changed for me this year is that I am drawn in by the 'spirit of competition'. I almost get a bit emotional with every competition. (sniff, sniff) It doesn't even matter if it is a US athlete or not. Like the Womens Road Cycling. Nicole Cooke from Great Britain had been riding with a breakaway of five riders for the last part of the race. On the final climb it looked like she was cooked, falling off the back. You felt bad, riding almost four hours, getting yourself into a position where you only had to beat four other, not a pack of many, and you blow up a km from the finish. Poof. But no! The next thing we see is her rolling by on the outside to snag the gold! Fantastic! I'm getting choked up just typing that.

...And that mens 4x100 freestyle... That has to be one of the greatest races in Olympic history. Jason Lezak of the US behind by a length at the turn to the powerful (and cocky) French team. C'mon! If that doesn't get you going, you are dead to the world of sports. Check it out here if you haven't seen it, it is worth it.

BTW, swimming might be my favorite Olympic sport now. You can clearly see the effort going into the race, the 4x100 is a prime example. I'm a Phelps Phan!


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