Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hawk Time!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it is that time of the year. It is time for football.

Carrie and I headed down to Qwest Field for the the Seahawks preseason game. It was a bit weird as the temperature outside was in the mid to upper 80's. The other weird thing I noticed was a tip bucket at the stadium beer stand... WTF??? (Sorry mom) They charge $7.50 for a beer and people tip? Before the game I paid $5 for a pint of Boundary Bay IPA at a pub and was a bit miffed at the price... I tipped there because they brought it to me and when I was done they asked if I wanted another. (yes, please) I didn't feel the least bit guilty not tipping for my marginally cold stadium Bud Light in a plastic bottle.

I also saw a teddy bear that got ran down by an old truck...

...then I found five dollars.

Which still didn't make me feel better about the $7.50 beer

We left the game at halftime and went to grab some dinner downtown. I honestly don't know why they charge full price for these preseason games. It is fun but only half as much as a 'real' game. I can't wait for the regular season, and mid-sixty degree weather. I honestly can't wait for the rain, and I hope for snow once or twice...

Go Hawks!


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