Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bad Idea

I had two good ideas this weekend that Clyde made me realize were bad.

It has been pretty hot the last couple of days so I set up a little kiddie pool that we got for Clyde. Typically we put it out in the middle of the lawn and dump it at the end of the day. Not yesterday. I thought it would be a good idea to put it in a flat spot under the trees where there wasn't any grass so I wouldn't have to drain it.

This morning I got up made come coffee and let Clyde out to relieve himself in the back yard. Ten minutes later he is back at the door ready to come in... ...except he is soaked! The punk went out and submerged himself in it.

Bad idea.

Clyde is now about eighteen months old. Typically when he is unsupervised we keep him crated this is for his well being, our houses, and our possessions. Lately I have benn leaving him alone for short periods. A run to the grocery store, etc...

Do you know where this is going?

Usually he would be laying on the floor sleeping, right where we left him. that is when he is in 'low power mode'. Yesterday Carrie and I had to run some errands when he was in 'high power' mode. I told Carrie that I wanted to leave him out, and she reluctantly let me. He likes to shake the couch pillows so we put those away and off we went.

Bad idea.

An hour or two later we came home. Luckily nothing of great worth was destroyed. He had pulled one of our Ikea CD shelves out and shredded the press-board. More concerning he grabbed a CD and crunched that into little bits. It was Limp Bizkit. Both were spread evenly across a large portion of our family room floor.

Bonus, in the middle of typing this up, he puked up a handful of pieces from the case. The good news is that he is eating and pooping just fine, no food came out with the pieces so his system is working. We are getting to be old hands at this.


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