Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mariners Baseball

I just discovered one of my favorite things to watch Clyde do... Romp through tall grass. I could watch it all day.

Today I met up with a friend at the Marymoor dog park in Redmond. It has been a bit since I have been there and the grass was quite a bit higher than before. I would toss Clydes bumper into the grass and he would go after it like Pepe Le Pew after a black cat with a painted white stripe. Bounding, hopping on all four legs. Pretty quick you wouldn't be able to see him, all that would be visible was his tail sticking straight up like a periscope. He was having as much fun running through the grass as I was having watching him. It was a great time.

We ran enough that he slept the whole way home, and has been pretty quiet all evening. Double bonus.

Now, as I have titled my blog post Mariners Baseball, I will tie it all together 'six degrees of Bacon' style using the cartoon Family guy as a center piece.

Here is a video showing the Marymoor Dog Park.

This video was narrated by Gary Berghoff, Who played Radar O'Reilly on M.A.S.H.

On the TV show M.A.S.H. his co-star was Jamie Farr, who played Maxwell Klinger, the cross-dressing corporal. (one degree)

Jamie Farr guest starred on the Family Guy episode "Believe it or not, Joe's walking on Air". The Mayor of Quahog, the town where 'Family Guy' happens is named and played by Adam West. (two degrees)

Adam West is best known for playing Batman in the TV series way back when. One of the Riddlers henchmen in that TV show was 'Across' played by Jim Lefebvre. He wore tights. (three degrees)

From 1989 to 1991 Jim Lefebvre managed the Mariners. He was the first manager of a Mariners team to break the .500 mark in a season. He was promptly fired.


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