Saturday, May 17, 2008

What I am Thinking

Clyde and I just finished a seventy five minute walk. I got the sweat on, Clyde got the pant on. On our walks, since Clyde is a horrible conversationalist, I had a bunch of time to think to my self. All kinds of stuff goes through my head.

On of my ideas was to write at least three things that I am thinking, in the vein of Sports Illustrateds Peter King's 'Ten Things I Think I Think'. I love that title. Only two things stop me from copying it. One, it would require me too come up with ten things every week. Many times the last seven thing I would be thinking would be, "Why in hell did I say I'd come up with ten things". Two, I think it is plagiarism. I wouldn't feel good about myself.

So, I toned my idea back to simply, 'What I am Thinking'. That way I am not forced to come up with ten all the time which would quickly burn me out. I will however try to come up with at least three, but I make no promises.

What is the difference between this and a regular blog post you ask? The difference is, these thing will not have paragraphs written out about them. Probably just a sentance or two. I am setting the bar low.

With all that said, here we go with the first "What I a Thinking".

  1. Man I am glad the sun is back in Seattle. I am writting from my back porch with my morning coffee on my left and my dog laying on my right. Life is good.
  2. Thank God baseball is played in summer. That way I don't 'have' to watch it. Nice weather opens a billion more interesting things to do than watch 'adult kickball'.
  3. Grey letters on silver keys washout in the sun. I am forced to touch type and watch the screen, which is good. I am actually not too bad at it, though speed is lacking. I have the spacebar and backspace down pat.
  4. Personal license plates are generally dumb. Much like drunken tattoos. Last night Carrie and I were behind a Mazda Tribute with the plates 'ROBSMAZ'. It got me thinking what if I got the plate 'MIKESAC' for our Acura. Unfortunately that would read as "Mike Sack" which doesn't sound good. Maybe the guys name was "Rob Smaz"...
  5. This was kinda fun.


Anonymous,  6/08/2008 6:40 PM  

May 17th??? Update your blog!!!!!!!!!! Slacker!!!! What's going on in your life????????

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