Saturday, April 19, 2008

Men' Warehouse

So, Today I took the time to cull the crap out of my Gmail. I was methodically going down my list, searching for names in the 'from' field that I knew I would never go back to, and deleting them. It was all going well until I typed "from:mens warehouse" and it kept coming up blank. I knew I had a few messages from them peppered in there, why wern't they coming up? It was pissing me off!

Then I picked up on it.... "WEARhouse". Those sneaky fellas! Normally I boycott places that use alternate spelling (Krazy Korner), but I will give them a pass. Why? The reasons are twofold.

  1. I have seen the 'Bearded One' and his ads for many years and didn't pick up on it. It isn't a look how wacky we are alternate spelling.
  2. The few times I have used their services, I have been very pleased with the service that I got. Hey, just like in the ads!

I remember reading something on how your brain pretty much picks up on what a word starts and finishes with to read. What is in the middle has a much smaller part in the process of reading. Interesting stuff, It sure was true with 'Wearhouse'.

PS- No worries friends and family. I don't delete a single email that you send me... You never know when the may come in handy!


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