Thursday, March 13, 2008

Woo Hoo!

Boy am I excited tonight... Formula 1 is back! The V8's are revving like angry bees right now on my television. I love it, they make beautiful music.

Once again there have been many interesting changes during the 'silly season'. Alonso left McLaren/Mercedes after a year to go back to Renault. Kovalainen booted from Renault, trades seats with Alonso and lands at McLaren. Ross Brawn after taking a much deserved year off from Ferrari to fish, comes back running the Honda team that lost its way a bit last year. New drivers, new owners, new regulations. The most interesting regulation change this year is the new ECU computers that dial back a lot of the driver aides that have been helping the drivers put the power down. Before the driver could pretty much mash the skinny pedal out of corners and have no worries. No more! Already I have seen some sweet power slides that have been missing for quite awhile. Hopefully we should see some more passing as a result of this.

My predictions for this year... Kimi will repeat as the driver champion and Ferrari will repeat as constructor. Lewis will come in second, hopefully not by blowing the lead in the last few races again. I think we will still see the Ferraris and Mclarens at the front, but a bit more action in the middle. BMW, Renault, Red Bull, Williams, Toyota and Honda should be bunched up tighter than they were last year. I have hope that the Kingfisher team may score some points. Toro Rosso and Super Happy Aguri will again be at the back.

It should be fun!

BTW, my dog stinks tonight... Ugggghhhh!


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