Friday, March 21, 2008

Some Hawk Love...

After countless dog pictures it is time for me to give the Hawks some love...

I saw this story today on the Seahawks Insider and was really happy.

The Seahawks have announced that Lofa Tatupu has signed a contract extension through the 2015 season. is reporting that the six-year extension is worth $40 million, with $16 million guaranteed. The deal includes the remaining two years on his original contract, plus six additional years.

Great news! Honestly, he is the #1 guy that I would hate to see playing in another uniform. Yes, even more than Hasselbeck (#2). As a fan you get a bit attached to these guys, (that sounds weird, hopefully you know what I mean...) and it is a bit of an affirmation to me when guys sign on for more. Sure he's getting paid, but it still gives me the warm fuzzies. (uhhh, sure)

I miss the pre-free agent era when it was much more common for teams to hang on to players. Every fall growing up, I had no doubts that Steve Largent was going to throw on the blue #80 and drag his toes to snag the ball inbounds. Now I can be comfortable that for the foreseeable Lofa will be doing his thing for quite a few Sundays at the Qwest.

Some other good reading that I found this week was this.
Who's going to be the most productive free agent? Seattle running back Julius Jones.

He'll take the place of Shaun Alexander and be paired with Maurice Morris in a backfield that will turn out to be one of the best in the league.

I'm hoping! The running game was miserable last year. Sure it was fun watching the ball get thrown all over last year, but imagine what a decent running game could have done for us. The Green Bay game maybe? I'm not saying they would have won, Favre was on crack, but it wouldn't have hurt in those conditions. The other thing that I am hearing good things about is the hiring of Mike Solari as the offensive line coach.

Check out his photo in the article.... He looks like football.

People sure have been talking him up. If he can re-ignite the O-line and Julius Jones can do the same thing for the ground game we should have a fun year.

All I want now is some good tight end play.


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