Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Get Ready. Because This Ain't Funny

My name is Mike D and I'm about to get money.

Howdy folks! You may have noticed a new title at the top of the blog. I have decided to change the title of my blog.

Why you ask?

Because the domain name zactly.com was taken. Dammit!

I decided to enter the 2k's and get my own domain name. Yes, you heard (read) me right, I now own my own site. Shocked? No? I understand. Not everybody can get as geeked up about this stuff as me.

I sat at my computer today brainstorming names. Different forms of zactly, my name, goofy names... All the ones I liked were taken. Then it came to me. Who am I? I am Mike D. That is it. What a perfect name for my blog! (Your cash and your jewelry is what I expect 2:40)

Hopefully I will take the time to do a little redecorating around here to go along with the name change. As for the zactly.blogsppot.com address, no worries. It will redirect to the new website.

My mission right now is to make sure that everything connects up fine. As of right now I am having a bit of difficulty, but hopefully by tomorrow it should be all good. This stuff doesn't happen immediately. When complete you will be able just type www.iammiked.com in your address bar. Of course, this won't matter to the bulk of you because you subscribe to my site feed with Google Reader so you don't have to 'remember' to visit my site like a rube, you just know when I post.


Anonymous,  4/02/2008 11:01 AM  

I like it! Zactly was good, but this is great!

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