Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dog Show!

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The Westminster Dog Show is on the tube and I have never seen Clyde pay so much attention. When the dog circle, his ears perk and he doesn't move. Occasionally he go and stand right in front to get a good look. Pretty funny stuff, we found ourselves watching him more than the show...

I am surprised at how much thicker many of the Labs are than Clyde. He is much taller and more athletic looking than them. I like him like that. He is built like a thick greyhound.

About the picture... You may think I put a bunch of effort into it but you would be wrong. I just downloaded a new program called UFRaw that works with the GIMP to tune the RAW images that my camera takes. The GIMP is a pretty slick Photoshop alternative available for free. All I did was take a bland RAW of Clyde and start tweeking curves. It happened by accident, and I kinda liked it.

Not only do I have quite a bit to learn about actually snapping the photo, there is a ton that I need (want) to learn about digital processing of photos too. Yes, you can cut and paste people and thing in your shots, but that is just goofing around. Check out these HDR images created with multiple exposures. Beautifully surreal in my opinion, I would like to try my hand at them.


Mary 2/13/2008 9:51 AM  

We watched too. Jenks kept on standing on his hind legs to watch the dogs. The Affenpinscher was his favorite - that was the only dog that he barked at. Maybe Jenkins understands German and was cheering the Affenpinscher on because we call Jenkins Monkey all the time.

BTW how cute is the Beagle that won?

Anonymous,  2/14/2008 1:05 PM  

The beagle was so cute!!!!!

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